Passion for Bonsai. Passion for the Bonsai allows citizens to approach this Japanese technique so that they know the care of divers
From July 01 to August 13 2017
Tutankamón, the grave, the gold and the "This expo consists of original pieces from the Cairo Museum and perfect replicas of ancient Egyptian culture.
From March 18 to September 17 2017
Love makes us fools. The artist, Queretaro Julián Guzmán, better known as "La Remolacha", has the joy of dedicating himself to what
From June 23 to August 27 2017
The mathematical hens. Gabriela unexpectedly visits Teresa, her former private math teacher. In their talk they discover that both hav
From June 30 to July 23 2017
Marlinde Von Ruhs. Marlinde Von Ruhs presents her personal collection of painting at the National Palace Site Museum
From June 01 to July 31 2017
100 years of the death of Eufemio Zapata General Eufemio Zapata, elder brother of the celebrated Caudillo del Sur. However, his active participation in
From June 16 to July 31 2017
Son of the land. This proyect pretends to invite people, through the photoghraph, to make conscience of the care of the nature.
From May 16 to August 20 2017.
Man, nature and culture. Icons of our culture and environment, from chosen angles with magical grace, capturing moments, sometimes, unre
From June 23 2016 to December 30 2017
From the old music to the traditional. Chanoc quartet is a music group focused in a diverse repertoire.
August 03 2018
21 MET - State Theater Show and Creators Currently, the creators meeting is is very important nationwide.
From August 29 to September 29 2017
Collections of Jalisco town and Cabañas. It shows a selection of works coming from protected collections.
From June 01 to December 31 2017
Folkloric dance season at the Guadalajar Their shows at Teatro Degollado are a real tradition of the Jalisco people.
From June 25 to September 17 2017
Folkloric dance season at the Guadalajar This group has more than 30 years of career spreading dance in Mexico.
From June 16 to September 29 2017
Traveling photographers from Tijuana. Exhibition of images and objects that addresses the intimate and affective aspect deposited in the photographs.
From May 05 to July 30 2017
Engraving temporal expo Temporal exposition of engravings made by Lázaro Gómez.
From may 12 to July 31 2017
from joy to passion Maximino Javier (Santa Fe la Mar, National Valley, Oaxaca, 1948).
From March 18 to July 31
Lights of the cathedral Do not miss the amazing firework show, the most important architectural icon of the city of Morelia.
From April 01 to December 30
Franciscan Conventual Set It reflects the experience of six years of work in favor of cultural development.
From August 07 2016 to December 31 2017
The fest of harvest. This is the greatest fest of wine honoring the great harvest, it will also have cultural, musical and more
From August 01 to 12 2017
Routes of the Image. A common path brings together the pieces presented at this exhibition designed by five of the greatests master.
Visual metaphore of gold. Expo you will see the techniques applied when working with gold.
From December 02 2016 to August 02 2017
Mexican Viceregal art In this section, you can see some of the works that marked the viceroyal era in what used to be New Spain.
Mexico through the time The exhibition counts on sixty original works that narrate the most important events of the nation in four...
Formula 1 GP Mexico The Mexico GP will be the eighteenth race in the calendar and will be performed october 29 2017 at the ...
October 29 2017
Inter fest of mariachi and tequila This event os organized by the CANACO and registered more than 40 expositors from tequila houses, bussiness...
From September 15 to 17 2017
International festival of Chihuahua Considered to be one of the most important cultural celebrations in Mexico, the Festival Internacional Chih.
From September 03 to 11 2017
The Mezcal International Fair Event for lovers of the traditional Mexican drink, with contests, traditional dances, gastronomy and more.
From 16th to 31st of July
Paleoalgorithm, Augmented Reality Technological experience and a different approach to room number 7, El gonfoterio del lago.
Underwater exposure The Cancun-Isla Mujeres Marine Park is one of the most visited marine areas in the world, with more than 750,00
Jalisco Vivo Zatarain celebrates 25 years of experience with this exhibition.
From 05 October 2016 to 31 December 2017
Enjoy Durango by tram Another way to enjoy the wonderful Historic Center of Durango.
La Ruta de Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla The exhibition The Route of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Looks of a century is formed by 127 stereoscopic pho
Àperio If you know a girl or boy who loves to ask questions, have a lot of imagination and like to have fun.
A tour of the Tequila Museum A tour of the Tequila Museum
From December 16, 2015 to December 31, 2018
Visits to the Government Palace Museum Visits to the Government Palace Museum
From December 12, 2015 to December 31, 2018
OGEP OIL & GAS EXPO SEARCH 2017 Sixth Petroleum Forum - COPARMEX
From the 24th to the 27th of October
Come to the Bebeteca Come to the Bebeteca Centro Cultural Tijuana
From February 02, 2016 to December 31, 2017
Mural Aguascalientes en la historia Mural Aguascalientes en la historia
From December 16, 2015 to December 31, 2018
Atlas Turístico de México Móvil
Cultural Billboard
Know the products that you can or do not bring to Mexico
Indigenous Paradises
CDMX, Viajemos todos por México
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JALISCO, Viajemos todos por México
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