What is the Tourist Atlas of Mexico?
It is an online tool that integrates Mexico tourist information in digital maps organized geographically.
How extensive is the Tourist Atlas of Mexico?
Provides current and potential tourists, all available information on tourist destinations, tourist and tourism programs developed by the Ministry of Tourism; easier to locate and access.
Does it cost to use or requires some specific membership?
The Mexico Tourist Atlas is a public tool for the promotion of tourism, so it is NOT user cost.

To access the application you just have to go to the address:
What do I need to operate the Tourist Atlas of Mexico?
To navigate the site must have Google Chrome 12.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 14.0 or above, or Explorer 7.0 or higher.

The Atlas is a friendly tool, however, because it contains a lot of information we suggest you review the tutorial for optimal navigation.
How I can contact the administrators of Atlas?
By mail available on the Mexico Tourist Atlas infoatlasturistico@sectur.gob.mx, where you can enter your suggestions or complaints, which will help to enrich the site.
Promotion Besides, what other use has the Tourist Atlas of Mexico?
As a support tool for planning of tourism, the Tourist Atlas is a reference to the creation and promotion of productive chains and value networks around tourist developments.
I can? Advertising on the Mexico Tourist Atlas?
Being a public site, advertising is NOT permitted outside the Tourist Atlas of Mexico.

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